I’m still here

Roleplay Social is not around to help people as a place to roleplay on anymore, but I'll always be around to help others in some way or another. 'Even if it can sometimes feel like my efforts go unnoticed, or unappreciated.' I'm confident that my tips will still help others become better writers, and my … Continue reading I’m still here


A fated dance

"What a great turn out, it seems. I hope I am not too late." Vladimir's onyx hues made their way around the crowd, as he slipped inside the estate, casually greeting the other people with a soft smile and a simple nod of his head. With every mask he glanced at, every dress and suit … Continue reading A fated dance

Marduk Mythios

READER BEWARE Dear Reader, my name is Marduk Mythios and this is my story. I urge you to close the book now if you don't like blood, gore, or dark scenes. I can assure you this story is packed full of all of the above, and even more than I can describe in a mere … Continue reading Marduk Mythios