Stratovarius – Black Diamond – Lyrics Lyrics: Again I see you standing there watching me Your gaze, those eyes are tantalizing openly Inviting me to get close to you Can't help myself There's fascination in the air I try to fight this strong sensation But there's no chance to escape from this temptation Feels like I've known you before Repeating … Continue reading Stratovarius – Black Diamond – Lyrics

Stratovarius – Phoenix – Lyrics   Lyrics: I am facing the truth I got to change the way I live Can't go on this way The price is too high to pay After the rain I feel the sun See how I run to my destiny Life is a game I got to learn how to play I make … Continue reading Stratovarius – Phoenix – Lyrics

Stratovarius – Destiny – Lyrics   Lyrics: The times are changing so fast I wonder how long it lasts The clock is ticking time is running out The hatred fills this Earth And for what is worth We're in the end before we know Throughout the years I have struggled to find The answer that I never knew It … Continue reading Stratovarius – Destiny – Lyrics