What is life to you?

"Hello everyone and welcome to the Roleplay Social Blog! Thank you for your continued support and taking the time to read our posts! I hope everyone has a wonderful day/night."Pleasetake a moment to think about what life means to you, and what kind of person you wish to be.Lifecan be hard, there is no denying … Continue reading What is life to you?

Great expectations, lead to even greator rewards

Have you ever heard the phrase? Never expect anything from anybody? Many people teach that lowering your expectations can lead to a happier life. They state this because if you lower your expectations, you always lower your chance of being hurt by something or being disappointed. However, I truly believe that in this life; we … Continue reading Great expectations, lead to even greator rewards

Charlie Whiting passed away on March 14th

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel led the tributes to Charlie Whiting; the Formula One race director who died suddenly on Thursday, three days before the first grand prix of the season in Australia. Whiting, who had been at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne on Wednesday; died as a result of a pulmonary embolism. He … Continue reading Charlie Whiting passed away on March 14th

I never finished highschool

I wonder if anyone can tell I never even finished highschool. Can you? With all the amazing feedback on my posts, I truly wonder if people can tell that I never ended up finishing highschool. In fact, my highest grade completed, was ninth grade. Pretty shocking, right? I know my writing still needs work, everyone … Continue reading I never finished highschool