Time is not an omen – Poem

  Wasted moments, time's forever slipping by, ever slowly. Losing memories, chances fading, it's, eternally degrading. Connections broken, words unspoken, always left there, so heart-broken. Re-awoken, life 'fore-token', the seconds, no longer stolen. Keep your thoughts within the moment, stay with those who are the closest, to fight against your main opponent, Time will no … Continue reading Time is not an omen – Poem

To the love gone bye – Poem

Oh to the days that I most dearly miss you, and woah to the pain when I realize I can no longer kiss you. I adamantly reach out for you, but no matter how hard I try, my hands go right through you. These faded images, are just more dreams of when I last saw … Continue reading To the love gone bye – Poem

Emotions Emotions – Poem

Run run run smile laugh think fun hope dream wish tear laugh drink giggle fear Dance dance dance whirl twist flaunt smirk heart beat taunt sway carry turn caress Cry cry cry tear jerk help trust find hate anger lust eyes heart fear unplussed Fear fear fear run panic shake shimmer racing thoughts dimmer curl … Continue reading Emotions Emotions – Poem

Chasing Lost Lullaby’s -Poem

"Running away brings back the pain brings back the hopelessness the emptiness charging forward never turning myself back fleeting memories everlasting trials seeking all the love finding only hate sending out words getting only the lies for those i love i will never be here i am hiding alone finding someone to hide chasing lost … Continue reading Chasing Lost Lullaby’s -Poem

The Evermore

The darkness tries to break you; take your God given light, so that you feel like 'nothing', anymore. Don't despair! Take a moment to breathe some fresh air, for the Lord is most surly there. Feeling good, or feeling bad; the Lord is there, forevermore. "Oh Lord, may my strength eternally be your strength, and … Continue reading The Evermore

Pain that wrought – Poem

The pain wracks where tears cannot reach Inside of a wall that nothing can breach Against the hate and horror, it shatters There’s not a hesitation, nothing matters Though fingernails tear at the fleshy heart From this beating chest it refuses to part Sobs are vomited from tight-pressed lips Unable to stay stalwart, it tips … Continue reading Pain that wrought – Poem

Blind Moth – Poem

Laughter, floating… gentle.Moth’s wings unfurlingTo catch the light breezeFeeling the freedom with easeThe very air takes colorHues and tones not known beforeColliding in a wondrous scopeUnlike anything beforeTickling the sense of laughterExposing secret loves and hopesEncouraging dreams and thoughtsFingers blindly reach forwardWanting to catch that stray mothThat freedomBut the world falls awayBlackness overshadows everything beforeDrifting … Continue reading Blind Moth – Poem

Quick Path to Heaven

A thick breath, gentle brush Fingers touch, lips hush Clothes unravel, legs spread wide Plunging deep, buried tight inside Heart pounding, reckless abandon Sweet moans and senses stranded. Satin skin, ivory over silk Swallowing temptation, throbbing and thick Pulsing staccato, delectable flesh Straining bodies, more.. no less Take it slow and steady Deep and deadly … Continue reading Quick Path to Heaven

Where I was meant to be – Poem

Rising to the top,with not a moment to stop,stronger than before,all thanks to the Lord,never going to drop,forever moving forward,faith building,hope rising,hear me flying? Jesus guides me,angel wings surround me, lifting me ever higher, Heaven lays before me,the Lord's arms open for me,this is where I was always meant to be.

God I need your light, through this fight. – Poem

Oh God,give me the strength to win this fight,give me the will to continue on through the darkest of nights, eliminate this all consuming fright, purge the devil with your holy light,take my life,take my sight,help me to see only, that which is right,for I fear,that which lurks within the night, and I know my choices are not always … Continue reading God I need your light, through this fight. – Poem

Merry Go Round with The Devil – Poem

It's hard not to give up,when you give it your all,and it's never enough, how do you find the strength, when all you have,seems to just fade away, you try to rise again, but all you can really see,is your final resting place, you pray to God, but all you can hear, is the Devil, dragging you even further down. Staked to the … Continue reading Merry Go Round with The Devil – Poem

Tips for Writing Better Poetry

Read good poetry The first key to writing better poetry; is of course to read good poetry. Start by reading all kinds of varying poetry: love poems, lyrical poems, haiku poems, narrative poems, sonnets, free verse and so on. Read them out loud, if it helps you; listen to the sounds of the words, let … Continue reading Tips for Writing Better Poetry