Shallow Dreams – Poem

Desperate cries, Shallow breathes, Raking nails Hopeless tugs Pulled tightly Ruined heart Damaged reputation Wicked hate Forgotten lies Last goodbyes Falling bodies Leaking blood Speckled dreams Dark nightmares Chasing nothing Begging everyone Misunderstood thoughts Beautiful bruises Colorful promises Everybody loses.


Escape the Pain – Poem

"Hoping for a short life dreaming for death never wanting to be here never wanting to be alone devastating truths' and wholesome lies you have your place your dirty little spies the pain you cause the hope you put out it breaks me in half soul refusing to part to know that you hate me to … Continue reading Escape the Pain – Poem

Chasing Lost Lullaby’s -Poem

"Running away brings back the pain brings back the hopelessness the emptiness charging forward never turning myself back fleeting memories everlasting trials seeking all the love finding only hate sending out words getting only the lies for those i love i will never be here i am hiding alone finding someone to hide chasing lost … Continue reading Chasing Lost Lullaby’s -Poem

Pain that wrought – Poem

The pain wracks where tears cannot reach Inside of a wall that nothing can breach Against the hate and horror, it shatters There’s not a hesitation, nothing matters Though fingernails tear at the fleshy heart From this beating chest it refuses to part Sobs are vomited from tight-pressed lips Unable to stay stalwart, it tips … Continue reading Pain that wrought – Poem

Blind Moth – Poem

Laughter, floating… gentle. Moth’s wings unfurling To catch the light breeze Feeling the freedom well with ease The very air takes color Hues and tones not known before Colliding in a wondrous scope Unlike anything before Tickling the sense of laughter Exposing secret loves and hopes Encouraging dreams and thoughts Fingers blindly reach forward Wanting … Continue reading Blind Moth – Poem

Where I was meant to be – Poem

Rising to the top,with not a moment to stop,stronger than before,all thanks to the Lord,never going to drop,forever moving forward,faith building,hope rising,hear me flying? Jesus guides me,angel wings surround me, lifting me ever higher, Heaven lays before me,the Lord's arms open for me,this is where I was always meant to be.