Time is not an omen – Poem

  Wasted moments, time's forever slipping by, ever slowly. Losing memories, chances fading, it's, eternally degrading. Connections broken, words unspoken, always left there, so heart-broken. Re-awoken, life 'fore-token', the seconds, no longer stolen. Keep your thoughts within the moment, stay with those who are the closest, to fight against your main opponent, Time will no … Continue reading Time is not an omen – Poem

Never Give up, Never Surrender

Your dreams are not beyond your reach! What you aspire for, is waiting for you; just around the corner. I know it can get hard at times, and many people tend to give up; right before they get a break through. Everyone has what it takes to succeed, but not everyone realizes that. When it … Continue reading Never Give up, Never Surrender