God is with you~

Do you feel like God has forsaken you? Do you feel all alone, and are you stumbling to get through each day? Well take a deep breath and push those thoughts out of your head! "I will never fail you. I will never forsake you." Hebrews 13:5 God has not forsaken you, God has not … Continue reading God is with you~


Need someone to listen to your troubles and pray for you? Well take a moment out of your day and contact Pastor Jeff Lane at Call2Pray! Gather up your courage and ask for prayer, either for yourself or for one of your loved ones! Watch videos and feel the blessings fall upon you. https://www.facebook.com/pastorjefflane/

The Evermore

The darkness tries to break you; take your God given light, so that you feel like 'nothing', anymore. Don't despair! Take a moment to breathe some fresh air, for the Lord is most surly there. Feeling good, or feeling bad; the Lord is there, forevermore. "Oh Lord, may my strength eternally be your strength, and … Continue reading The Evermore

Where I was meant to be – Poem

Rising to the top,with not a moment to stop,stronger than before,all thanks to the Lord,never going to drop,forever moving forward,faith building,hope rising,hear me flying? Jesus guides me,angel wings surround me, lifting me ever higher, Heaven lays before me,the Lord's arms open for me,this is where I was always meant to be.

God I need your light, through this fight. – Poem

Oh God,give me the strength to win this fight,give me the will to continue on through the darkest of nights, eliminate this all consuming fright, purge the devil with your holy light,take my life,take my sight,help me to see only, that which is right,for I fear,that which lurks within the night, and I know my choices are not always … Continue reading God I need your light, through this fight. – Poem

Great expectations, lead to even greator rewards

Have you ever heard the phrase? Never expect anything from anybody? Many people teach that lowering your expectations can lead to a happier life. They state this because if you lower your expectations, you always lower your chance of being hurt by something or being disappointed. However, I truly believe that in this life; we … Continue reading Great expectations, lead to even greator rewards

Do you give your tithes to god?

Do you believe in giving your 10% to God? Are you having financial problems or do believe you cannot afford to give money? Giving to God may seem difficult at times, but did you know that you do not always have to give in money? There are so many ways to give to the lord, … Continue reading Do you give your tithes to god?

Revelation from God – A Short Story

Life is a never-ending maze; no matter how hard you try to find a way out of it, you may always end up going around in circles. In this sense; life is difficult, and sometimes unforgiving. You never know when someone will fade from this life, and move on into the next. What can you do, when death happens to someone you know, or love?