Roleplaying Alternatives

This is a list of alternative sites for people to roleplay on since roleplay social is not super active. Feel free to leave comments below for roleplaying sites you like, but please do not spam!! – INAPPROPRIATE SITES WILL BE REMOVED!

Roleplay Domain is a free roleplaying and writing community for writers and roleplayers looking for long lasting friendships and entertainment.

Rolepages is a writing and chatting community that focuses on roleplaying. It’s built on wordpress and buddypress and has some great features for it’s members. It can be an intimidating community to get started on, but most of the members are pretty nice; once you get to know them.

Iwaku Roleplay is a forum roleplaying site; that has been around for some time now. It’s a rather popular roleplaying forum and has numerous members and fellow roleplayers or writers to connect with. You can join and get started instantly. We hope you find some people to roleplay with there!

Rpnation is another popular forum roleplay site. It’s home to hundreds of roleplayers and writers and is active daily. If you are looking for a place to jump into and start roleplaying instantly, this is probably one of the best places to start! We wish you luck in your adventure if you start there.

This roleplay site goes without saying. It’s one of the most popular in the world. However, because it’s so popular it can be crowded and many tend to prefer mature, or sexual content. If you prefer such content; then this might be the site for you!

Roleplayers searching for roleplay sites can also search this topsite below for some alternative sites!

Here are some more alternatives that are just as good as the ones above:

Wherever you start roleplaying, we hope you find many new friends, many new roleplays, and forge many new bonds that last a lifetime! Take care and feel free to comment below.

7 thoughts on “Roleplaying Alternatives

    1. I’ll always try and help people find others to roleplay and write with. That’s just how I’m wired. I don’t know about being the best though, but thnx for the kind words.


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