What is life to you?

"Hello everyone and welcome to the Roleplay Social Blog! Thank you for your continued support and taking the time to read our posts! I hope everyone has a wonderful day/night."Pleasetake a moment to think about what life means to you, and what kind of person you wish to be.Lifecan be hard, there is no denying … Continue reading What is life to you?


Word of the Month

I decided to start an obscure word of the month posting. So once every month; I'll post an obscure word and it's definition for people to read about and discover. This month our word is one of the longest in the dictonary and the funny things is; it literally means the fear of long words. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia … Continue reading Word of the Month

Roleplay Social is back! Join if you like to write or roleplay~

Roleplay Social is back up for those who are looking for their old friends. It's hosted on a free server, so don't expect to much. However at some point we might be able to get premium hosting if people donate, etc. We look forward to seeing old and new members~ http://roleplaysocial.net

Help a seizure patient have a life

Please donate and help as best you can!! gf.me/u/rh4znc On June 6th, 2016 I had my first grand maul seizure. While busy working at my job as a Bowling Mechanic/Pin-chaser, I was caught on camera having a full-blown seizure. Unaware of my seizures, I continued to work as if nothing ever happened. Not even a … Continue reading Help a seizure patient have a life

Combat based characters and power lvling

Now while there are millions of ways to build a combat orientated character, I believe these key points are the most important for making a character well-rounded and not overpowered. First off when making your character, it is best to figure out what type of combat you are looking to get into. Since genres of … Continue reading Combat based characters and power lvling

Charlie Whiting passed away on March 14th

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel led the tributes to Charlie Whiting; the Formula One race director who died suddenly on Thursday, three days before the first grand prix of the season in Australia. Whiting, who had been at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne on Wednesday; died as a result of a pulmonary embolism. He … Continue reading Charlie Whiting passed away on March 14th

One of the Biggest Mistakes that beginning Writers make!

Writing is great, but not all writing is presented in a great way. Vladimir Bach This post is going to focus on one of the key mistakes that starting writers tend to make. ~Extravagant Words and Over-complexity~ One of the mistakes that new writers make; is complicating their writing. While a post may sound unique … Continue reading One of the Biggest Mistakes that beginning Writers make!