God is with you~

Do you feel like God has forsaken you? Do you feel all alone, and are you stumbling to get through each day? Well take a deep breath and push those thoughts out of your head! "I will never fail you. I will never forsake you." Hebrews 13:5 God has not forsaken you, God has not … Continue reading God is with you~

Enter Heaven – Original Song

So today I decided to mess around and make a new song on Fl Studio and I'm so surprised with how it turned out. I think it's absolutely beautiful. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did making it and as much as I enjoy listening to it! "Take a moment to close … Continue reading Enter Heaven – Original Song

Time is not an omen – Poem

  Wasted moments, time's forever slipping by, ever slowly. Losing memories, chances fading, it's, eternally degrading. Connections broken, words unspoken, always left there, so heart-broken. Re-awoken, life 'fore-token', the seconds, no longer stolen. Keep your thoughts within the moment, stay with those who are the closest, to fight against your main opponent, Time will no … Continue reading Time is not an omen – Poem

I’m a web designer by nature

Honestly, I have no idea where my web design skills even came from. One day, back in 2005 I simply decided to dig into web designing on my own. Influenced by vampirefreaks and myspace, I set out to make something great for my fellow writers and roleplayers. Myspace groups were so popular back in the … Continue reading I’m a web designer by nature

Following the Road – Freewrite

Threading the images together Stitching two thoughts Side by side to create The longest road you'll ever see When you flock around and jeer Correcting innocent bystanders Leering at the past mistakes No one understands this road Will you follow your road? The one you made Filled with dreams and hopes Paved with thoughts and … Continue reading Following the Road – Freewrite

What do you write with?

No this is not a post asking about what kind of device you use to write with, or if you prefer pen or pencil. This is a post that asks the reader to truly think about where their writing comes from. Does it come from your mind, or does it come from the heart? There … Continue reading What do you write with?

If you are a writer!

I may not be the best writer out there, and I most surely have not written for the longest duration either. Seeing as I am only twenty nine years old. However, it doesn't take a genius to notice that every person out there; has something unique to express. Don't give up!! A true writer never … Continue reading If you are a writer!

Story of Marduk – Chapter 4

Will my life ever be normal, or is it destined to only be filled with nothing but pain and bad memories? Is the world always so cruel? Where do I even belong in such a world; full of people who seem to just pass each other on by? Sad memories are so painful; they fill … Continue reading Story of Marduk – Chapter 4

How do I become a better writer?

"I’m going to do my best to get straight to the point." When it comes to becoming a better writer, there really is no sure-fire way to do so. Many writers will probably say the same thing as I am going to, but personally I am just sharing my own personal experience as a writer, … Continue reading How do I become a better writer?

Is the heart enough? Poem

Is my heart ever enough?Will they ever feel my love? Should I ever give it up? Feelings are so tough, I've never felt anything so rough, my heart is always beating way too much, I'm always giving the real stuff, is it even good enough, tell me what I must give up, before my heart … Continue reading Is the heart enough? Poem

Do you give your tithes to god?

Do you believe in giving your 10% to God? Are you having financial problems or do believe you cannot afford to give money? Giving to God may seem difficult at times, but did you know that you do not always have to give in money? There are so many ways to give to the lord, … Continue reading Do you give your tithes to god?

Why do you write?

Hello there everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day or night. Thank you for taking the time to browse my blog and read my posts! Today I decided to make a new post so I could hear everyone's personal reasons for writing and of course to share some of my own. Everyone who … Continue reading Why do you write?

Never Give up, Never Surrender

Your dreams are not beyond your reach! What you aspire for, is waiting for you; just around the corner. I know it can get hard at times, and many people tend to give up; right before they get a break through. Everyone has what it takes to succeed, but not everyone realizes that. When it … Continue reading Never Give up, Never Surrender