An Adventure Through Time and Space – Tale of a Samurai

Dear Reader, “To whomever happens to read this letter; I want to thank you, and I also want to warn you.” The contents of this letter and of the story inside; can easily be considered as: descriptive, graphic, and most likely, out of this world. ‘Simply unbelievable, for some’. Please only read, if you truly … Continue reading An Adventure Through Time and Space – Tale of a Samurai

Dark of the Streets – An Original Story

Those who don't truly know the Darkness, know naught about true fear, or loneliness. Coddled within the Light; they're bathed with its warmth, and remain where all can see. Within the Dark, fear lies in wait; for the Light does not reach within. How can one claim to know fear, when the Light reveals all? How can one claim loneliness, when within the Light they're seen?

Story of Marduk – Chapter 4

Will my life ever be normal, or is it destined to only be filled with nothing but pain and bad memories? Is the world always so cruel? Where do I even belong in such a world; full of people who seem to just pass each other on by? Sad memories are so painful; they fill … Continue reading Story of Marduk – Chapter 4

Revelation from God – A Short Story

Life is a never-ending maze; no matter how hard you try to find a way out of it, you may always end up going around in circles. In this sense; life is difficult, and sometimes unforgiving. You never know when someone will fade from this life, and move on into the next. What can you do, when death happens to someone you know, or love?

Jessica Carter March

Intro Jessica Carter March Born Jessica Jane Carter on July 24th 1993 . Jessica Carter is the only female techer at a Milton High in New York, she is beautiful and clever , A serial killer who hates men and was the only female techer at a Milton High in New York and when … Continue reading Jessica Carter March

Stan Lee – Forever Remember!

Stan Lee was an iconic legend in the comic world and will always be remembered, forever! Stan Lee at the age of 95 died early on Monday, November 12, 2018, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, as told by a family member to one Hollywood Reporter. Kirk Schenck, an attorney for Lee's daughter, J.C. … Continue reading Stan Lee – Forever Remember!