Vladimir’s Eternal Curse

Everything has an end it seems, everything but me that is. At first I thought it was a blessing, always protecting me from my mistakes. But alas, eternal life is not as great one might think and there are some wounds that never heal. Life comes and life goes, as quickly as the petals fall from … Continue reading Vladimir’s Eternal Curse

Marius Romanus

NAME: Marius de Romanus FC: Various AGE: 2,000 years old. SPECIES: Vampire FLEDGLINGS: Armand, Pandora, Bianca, Sybelle and Benji. PERSONALITY: Marius is an exceptionally sagacious, wise and optimistic vampire. He is one of the oldest known to still survive, a true Child of the Millennia. Because he has drunk so often from the vampire queen … Continue reading Marius Romanus