Combat based characters and power lvling

Now while there are millions of ways to build a combat orientated character, I believe these key points are the most important for making a character well-rounded and not overpowered. First off when making your character, it is best to figure out what type of combat you are looking to get into. Since genres of … Continue reading Combat based characters and power lvling


Maddie ‘Never Miss’ Hancock

Name: Maddie 'Never Miss' Hancock Birth Name: Madaline Hancock Age: 21 Eye Color: Blue Hair color: Blonde Personality: Sweet, Shy, nervous around new people, jumpy Allergies: none Fears: none she is fearless Background: Has a hell of a temper if you cross her or mess with her loved ones she is loving and caring other … Continue reading Maddie ‘Never Miss’ Hancock

Jessica Carter March

Intro Jessica Carter March Born Jessica Jane Carter on July 24th 1993 . Jessica Carter is the only female techer at a Milton High in New York, she is beautiful and clever , A serial killer who hates men and was the only female techer at a Milton High in New York and when … Continue reading Jessica Carter March

Marius Romanus

NAME: Marius de Romanus FC: Various AGE: 2,000 years old. SPECIES: Vampire FLEDGLINGS: Armand, Pandora, Bianca, Sybelle and Benji. PERSONALITY: Marius is an exceptionally sagacious, wise and optimistic vampire. He is one of the oldest known to still survive, a true Child of the Millennia. Because he has drunk so often from the vampire queen … Continue reading Marius Romanus

OC 0

Name: Cain Knight Age: 17 (Immortal) Height: 5'7 Hair: White Eye: Red, One eye has a contact in it so is actually yellow. Race: Unknown, (Claims to be a Demon) Side: Good (Can be evil once in awhile) Occupation: Demon Lord Candiate Of Hell. Magic: Lighting and Water, Holy Flames, Dark Flames Goals: To Become … Continue reading OC 0

Marduk Mythios

READER BEWARE Dear Reader, my name is Marduk Mythios and this is my story. I urge you to close the book now if you don't like blood, gore, or dark scenes. I can assure you this story is packed full of all of the above, and even more than I can describe in a mere … Continue reading Marduk Mythios