Invited Writers

Some of our blog followers, were invited to become fellow writers on the rpsocialblog~ We truly wish to thank everyone who follows us and supports us! Thank you kindly, and keep doing what you are doing!! We hope to hear, and read some wonderful stories, poetry, and updates from our followers! Don't be shy, say … Continue reading Invited Writers

New Theme

It's been some time since we updated the theme here on The Roleplay Social Blog; so we've decided to give the blog a fresh new look. We hope our members and amazing fans/followers enjoy the new changes. Let us know with your likes or comment below! Thank you all for your continued support on the … Continue reading New Theme

Farewell Roleplay Social

Well it's been a great ride, but it's time to face the music. Roleplay Social hasn't done so well in the last few years. With the constant closing and reopening, changing platforms, etc. It's time to face the fact that roleplay is not the same as it once was. While we will continue to support … Continue reading Farewell Roleplay Social

Roleplay Social is back up

The site is now back up again, and I've purchased premium hosting for the month, so hopefully that means we will not have an issue with the site going down like we did before! I truly apologize for the downtime we experienced, and hope you all can enjoy the site like it was meant to … Continue reading Roleplay Social is back up

RPS is down for 24 hours

Roleplay Social is down for 24 hours due to resource limit being reached. This time we didn't get a warning, sorry guys. Hopefully whenever we get premium we won't have this issue. It was nice to see how many people have already returned and joined us~ If you want to help get roleplay social back … Continue reading RPS is down for 24 hours

Roleplay Social is back! Join if you like to write or roleplay~

Roleplay Social is back up for those who are looking for their old friends. It's hosted on a free server, so don't expect to much. However at some point we might be able to get premium hosting if people donate, etc. We look forward to seeing old and new members~

The Social Network side of Roleplay Social is closed! But it’s not over?

Roleplay Social has served as a social network and community for roleplayers and anime lovers for years now, but today that changed with the closing of the beloved 'social network' and the opening of a roleplay social blogging network. Roleplay Social's main purpose still remains the same! (To help writers and roleplayers find others to … Continue reading The Social Network side of Roleplay Social is closed! But it’s not over?

Roleplay Social – The Roleplay Social Network

Roleplay Social was an online roleplaying social network for all genres of roleplay. Roleplay Social featured streaming anime, roleplay groups, forums,  custom profiles, private messaging, roleplay chatrooms, and much more. It was a mainstream site for roleplaying since early 2009. GROUPS FORUMS