Those who don’t truly know the Darkness, know naught about true fear, or loneliness. Coddled within the Light; they’re bathed with its warmth, and remain where all can see. Within the Dark, fear lies in wait; for the Light does not reach within. How can one claim to know fear, when the Light reveals all? How can one claim loneliness, when within the Light they’re seen? Within the Dark, nothing’s seen, only heard. Voices pierce through; only to reveal how lonely one truly is. For deep within the mind, our voices already roam. A voice without a body is as good as a Ghost that cannot be seen.

For years I wandered through the dark of the streets; moving from place to place. The cold nights were especially unbearable. Goosebumps cascading across my flesh; wrapping myself within torn rags to keep some semblance of warmth. Sounds unknown echoing in my head; shots exploding from somewhere beyond my vision, dogs howling within the dark. Every night I wondered; would this be my last? Would I be a meal for a ravaging dog, or would the end come from a random shooter I could not even see? Where would I find my next meal; here within this bleak darkness?

Life was a struggle; but somehow I managed to survive. Cast to the streets, at an early age. Left to fend for myself, all alone. Every stranger I met, simply looking to take that which I struggled so hard just to find. Every breath; a miracle upon itself.

Every time I wandered upon a random house, and stared inside; just to see a family cozy and warm, without a single care in the world. I wondered what my life could have been like, and I wondered how anyone in such a comfortable life could ever say they truly knew what fear was.

Fear was living from day-to-day; never knowing when or even how the day would end. Struggling to survive in a world where everything seemed so dark, so cold, and oh so bleak. Fear’s being surrounded by the unknown, living this way; all alone.

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