Honestly, I have no idea where my web design skills even came from. One day, back in 2005 I simply decided to dig into web designing on my own. Influenced by vampirefreaks and myspace, I set out to make something great for my fellow writers and roleplayers.

Myspace groups were so popular back in the day, that when they were removed, hundreds and thousands of people were devastated. I was of course one of them.

I started roleplaying and writing on myspace back in 2003 and the groups were the major attraction for many writer and roleplayers. I personally created a group known as The Unknown Clan and had over 500 active members who became like family to me.

The Unknown Clan was one of, if not the largest group on myspace and many writers and roleplayers looked to it as a second home. So when the groups went down, we were devastated.

Well seeing how popular my group was and the skills I already had at html and editing, I decided to venture out and create my own site; dedicated to roleplayers and writers.

Surprisingly, the site became far more popular than I could have ever imagine and thousands of roleplayers joined. The network grew into something I could have never imagined previously.

With over 15,000 members the site was a dream come true. Many of the members became like a second family to me and the network was my baby.

The experience of running the network pushed me to places I’d never dreamed I could do before. I learned so much about web design, and management, and made so many friends.

I was sad the day I had to close the network, because the platform I created on, went out of buisness. I truly tried to push the network forward onto new platforms, but it truly was never the same again. Many of the members stuck with me for many years, but we never gained the traction we had originally. I believe people blamed me for closing down what worked, even though ultimately it was beyond my control.

Still, I don’t regret the adventure. I learned a lot, made a lot of friends, and experienced more than I could have dreamed.

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