When I let the angels sing
I tend to fall asleep
I rest my head and breathe
I do stupid things.

I should know better than that
Angels no longer sing
They stand in the shadows
And watch me have bad dreams

The guardian angels dont do their job
I’ve never seen them with me
I seem to walk around alone
No one seems to want to hold my hand

I think its my fault
I know i dont really like to be alone
I tend to cling and cling
Usually people snap and walk out

I dont really blame them
Im a creepy little girl
I watch you with wide eyes
I wait for you at the door

People tell me that its not true
Nothing is my fault
But i know deep down
They cant know that

They’ve never followed me around
Held my hand or helped me
The laughed when i fell
Now they wanna clean up their mess

I tend to do that too
Make big messes outta things
Then i seem to forget about them
You remember though and tell me

When im shaking on the floor
Clutching my head and crying
You write notes on a board
You study my whimpering

Why do you wanna help me?
Help anyone else please
I helpless now and fading fast
I know that I’m not meant to be here.

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