No this is not a post asking about what kind of device you use to write with, or if you prefer pen or pencil.

This is a post that asks the reader to truly think about where their writing comes from. Does it come from your mind, or does it come from the heart?

There is nothing better than a piece written from your heart. While the words may be formed from the mind, it’s a writer’s heart that truly captures the reader. This is more so true on the things we relate to. If a writer pours their heart into their writing and it’s relatable; nine out of ten times that piece is going to get absorbed ’emotionally’ by those who read and relate to it.

The heart is a powerful thing, and can truly be underrated. Personally, I believe there is nothing stronger, and nothing more impacting.

You can throw any amount of words down onto a piece of paper and make them sound good, but when you introduce the heart and write from it; words become meaningfully and gain a strength beyond anything you can express otherwise.

There truly is power in words, and there is so much more power in words spoken from the heart.

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