Let me fall
Rope swinging lightly
Hope now gone
Noose holding tightly

An empty smile
Falling tears
Thankful numbness
Replacing the fears

Fears of rejection
Of hate and pain
Unable to take anymore
Full of hurt and shame

Let my rope swing
Bullet in my head
Let me fall
Behind that broken shed

From the willow
No last words
No goodbyes
No voice is heard

When the sight is seen
People seem to laugh
Enjoying the arrogance
Little thing made not a splash

No one remembers
No one even cares
Her voice always silenced
Held up by only a chair

Mock her smile
Mock her love
Mock her beliefs
No heaven above

She will rot
No one will care
She will be broken
The pain she cannot bare

When she flies away
No one stops her
No one wants to
As free as a bird

Can you find her?
Can you remember her name?
The one you all mocked,
The one buried in shame.

Remember her as she was
Hope she stays the same
Pray for forgiveness
You left when she came

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