“Relentless is the quiet night, that stirs as a wave in ebb and flow. Solemn are the woods just past, where the quiet winds do blow.
With a shriek that trembles past the trees, a dangerous rapture grows.
Be it with horror or with pleasure, no one but the still forest knows.

This night we hunt a nefarious beast, one with two legs and two arms.
The beast carries a voice and a face, but do not listen to its charms.
It is a mimic in the eyes of god, it means us great and terrible harm.
Find where this beast does lie, sound the drums and the alarms.

Like a scourge across this land, we will separate and slay.
We will find the beast that means us harm and kill it this day.
Trust, brother and sister, this is the one and true way.
It will continue to take and take and take, it’s hunger will not stray.

Warriors both thick and thin, pledge your life to me and mine.
We will track this beast of impure lust and absolve it of its crime!
Those who die will not in vain, for them we will build a blessed shrine.
Take down the beast of death and your acts, in front of god, will SHINE”

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