The pain wracks where tears cannot reach

Inside of a wall that nothing can breach

Against the hate and horror, it shatters

There’s not a hesitation, nothing matters

Though fingernails tear at the fleshy heart

From this beating chest it refuses to part

Sobs are vomited from tight-pressed lips

Unable to stay stalwart, it tips

And so the song will rise again

Spewing this hatred that will never end

Broaching sanity with a quiet smile

While the brain goes rotten and horrifyingly senile

Gibbering on about old hurts and lost loves

About that final step that the brain couldn’t shove

Clasp nimble fingers behind a broken spine

Whither in the desperation that is always cryin’

A whisper of sound slithers through the air

But refuses to calm as long as that trust isn’t there

The wall resurrects itself to stand against the threats

Yet unbearably shatters with every heart-broken event

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