Screams ripple the air, flowing outwards in ever expanding circles of sound and defiant agony. The smear of blood across the floor blazes like a fire, like a sin for all to see. Fingers tangle in sweat-dampened hair and squeeze, nails scraping into tender scalp.. replacing overwhelming desperation with the sweet pain. Darkness ebbs and flows in a place like this, growing as if it were alive, inhaling and exhaling in monstrous gushes while the light cowers away, centered on the candlesticks and sputtering flames. Helplessly, mutinously, dark eyes rake over the flickers of hope. Wishing, wanting with every pulse of humanity left for that hope to combust, ignite in the chambers and flow outwards, lead them away.

Cracked, dried lips whisper wordless pleas for no more, for it all to stop… anything for a reprieve. Yet the voices hiss, slicing away their pleadings, the thin walls they resurrect. Vulnerable and alone, they tremble. Cold leeching into flesh, souls trembling with the chill…

Tears dribble down dirty, smudged cheeks and cling to jawlines before plummeting to the smeared floor below.

Blackness. Night.

Awaken, sweet childe, feel the sweet murmurings of your lover shivering through your skin and be renewed. Run your fingers over tender flesh and spread apart your hesitation, allow yourself to feel and experience…. Wallow in selfishness while your muscles quiver and your heart skips, let sweat dampen your skin like silk laden with priceless diamonds. Soar as none other can, relentless, reckless… pursue that crescendo and crest above everything else. Float down to welcoming arms, invite yourself to relax. The warmth slowly creeping through your veins… the tingling of your toes and the flush on your parted lips is my presence, my love for you… only I can provide you with such things, only I can make this your forever. Open your eyes to the possibilities instead of sentencing yourself to death… feel me inside you, growing… and I will give you everything you desire.

Shuddering disappointment, yearning.


A small ball of beautiful, golden sunlight flares in the darkness… it’s rays as fingers, stretching through the dripping, distant sludge slowly threatening death. Fingers that want, hope, feel… seek out a hand-hold to dig itself out of the darkness, a way out of the infinite chasm below… finding only a distant rope that is neither ready to be climbed or is greased… strength waning… slipping… every moment pressing downwards, into the spiral.

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