Well it’s been a great ride, but it’s time to face the music. Roleplay Social hasn’t done so well in the last few years. With the constant closing and reopening, changing platforms, etc. It’s time to face the fact that roleplay is not the same as it once was. While we will continue to support writers and roleplayers, Roleplay Social itself cannot continue on. We’ve had little support these last few years and it’s a shame to admit it, but we can no longer afford to continue running.

Within days, the Roleplay Social domain will be gone, the hosting has already been closed down, and the Roleplay Social name is due to face scrutiny moving forward.

Thank you all who’ve supported us over the years and kept with us through it all. We will miss what we had, but it’s time to move on. Hopefully to bigger and better things.

Keep writing everyone, and never give up your dreams.

One thought on “Farewell Roleplay Social

  1. I’ll miss it on Roleplay Social, but I more than understand why it had to close down again. I wish I could of helped keep it up, but I have no money.


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