Jessica Carter March


Jessica Carter March

Born Jessica Jane Carter on July 24th 1993 .

Jessica Carter is the only female techer at a Milton High in New York, she is beautiful and clever , A serial killer who hates men and was the only female techer at a Milton High in New York

and when all the male teachers sexualy harass her she killes all 20 of then and 10 cleaners.

She has a dark secret she hates men but she isnt a lesbian, oh no she is in love with one man and a very dangerous man at that. She has done all her research and has already

thougt up her plan to get him to notice her and know her name so that when she goes to the hotel Cortez

he will know her by reputation.

He is the one and only James Patrick March.

Chapter 1 Dont MESS WITH ME

Jessica’s. Pov

I have had enough of this , they think they can harrass be and slap my ass every day just because I am a woman and I wear dresses. I am not going on to change my style for them. I am who I am.

Those asholes have chosen the wrong woman to pick on I am not normal I have a dark secret I love death and destruction, watching people die is fastenating and the men in this school deserve to did they call me darling , sexy, and much more every day and slap my ass ,grab my boobs and try to put their hands up my skirt . Well not anymore this is the end. I hate men they are all creeps.

Ok ok maybe not all men but the ones I work with are and I hate it they need with a girl who is in love with a phycotic ghost who is a master serial killer. Think again.

Now on with how I got to be where I am now Mrs James March.

Chapter 2  How it began

Milton High Monday morning

Jessica’s pov

I am ready this is is it I have it all planned kill them all and run to LA and the hotel Cortez and go under cover as a singer .

I am walking through the corridor to the staff room three guns all loaded in my bag and as I do one of the teachers says ” hey there beautiful want to see how good I can make you feel ”

I groan and say no thanks and pull out a gun and shoot him dead the thrill is amazing I have to keep going soon I have killed all the male staff and now for the witnesses.

It’s a in service day so now kids today just teachers and cleaners and they have to die too so I kill them all one after the other bang bang bang all 10 down.

Yeah I killed 30 people and I felt good so nice to be free, I left the secretary I needed someone to call the cops and make sure the story goes global I need the master of murder to see it and know me.

I grin to myself as I stuff my guns in my bag and go I walk out of the school and get into my car before the cops arrive I leave a note for the secretary on WhatsApp (on next page) as I head to my car and drive to la.

Chapter 3  Getting to LA and meeting Mr March

I have just are at the hotel Cortez and it is amazing so me as I love vintage. I head to reception and the woman smiles at me, I smile back ” Hi I booked a room a few months ago”

She looks in the book ” what’s the name dear ?”

” Jessica Carter but I am also a singer and I use Jamie star”

” Oh yeah here you are room 64, are you ok to sing tonight as the temporary owner is hosting a party?”

I nod ” yeah I am” and she smiles and says ” I will show you to your room” I smile at her as we pass a guy who looks like a cop and the woman says ” how is the new room John we had to move you for the singer I’m sorry”

The man called John looks at her ” it’s fine Liz I’m nearer Sally now so all good” (John is with Sally in this after Alice because a vampire) Liz smiles at him and we head to my room.

It is beautiful and as I look round I know who’s room it was and say ” Liz wasn’t this Mr March’s office” she smiles and nods ” you did do your research” I nod as she’s says ” I will leave you to get dressed for tonight”

I smile and pull out my green flapper dress and red wig and go for a shower before getting dressed.

I smile to myself as I do and head down to the bar where I see John waiting and he says ” hi”

I smile at him ” hi John I’m Jamie star ” as Liz hands me a drink as I ordered earlier before she left my room . I drink it and head to the stage and start to sing as I do I feel a pair of eyes on me and look up to the balcony to see who is watching me and smile as my eyes fall on the one and only James Patrick March , this makes me sing so much better and with more confidence.

He watches me sing all night long and that makes me perform all the better and when I am finished I head to the bar and he is there talking to Liz he says ” well hello pretty lady”

I smile and say ” hello I’m Jamie star” and he grins ” cut the crap and let me see you properly I know you are Jessica Carter”

This makes me blush as I remove my wig and he smiles ” much better now how would you like to join me for a drink ”

” I would love that James if I can call you James ” I ask and he nods.

We spent the whole night together and many more I tell him all about me and he tells me about himself including the parts with the countess and I soon grow to hate her all the more and love him so much more. This goes in for a month and by the end of it I am very much in love and i think he is too, we have kissed and messed around but not had sex yet but I really want him.

I hope tonight is the night as it’s devils night and I already have my invite I got it this morning I am now picking my dress.


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