Dear Reader, my name is Marduk Mythios and this is my story. I urge you to close the book now if you don’t like blood, gore, or dark scenes. I can assure you this story is packed full of all of the above, and even more than I can describe in a mere paragraph.

With that being said..

My life does not exactly start out with happy beginnings, and I can guarantee it is a rather sorrowful story.

Following the only joyful time of my life, my parents were brutally murdered in front of me by an unknown demonic entity. However, for some reason the sadistic demon that killed my parents, decided to let me live.

Scared and helpless my innocent cries sounded out into the dark of the night, calling for my loved ones who were already deceased.

It didn’t take long for someone to find me, my disgruntled cries alerting a nearby merchant, who then found me laying there among the deceased.

Why did it have to be him? My life could of been so much better, maybe even normal.


He was a sadistic man, who practiced in the cruelest aspects of the blackest of magics. His experiments and practices, could make the stomach of even the strongest of men, twist with utter disgust. He called me his master experiment, the core of his research.. I was just another guinea pig in his grand scheme. Whatever that could have been. His experiments changed me, in more ways then one. He had some kind of idea that he could make me a battery for magic, essentially storing up the magic from the world around me. Everything has magic, the entire universe is imbued with magic of such magnitude, that if it could fully be harvested, nothing in the universe could withstand such power.

His experiment worked, far better then he could have ever imagined. However, I couldn’t handle the power, I couldn’t control what it did to me, what he did to me.. What the universe had done to me.. I became a monster, I became unstoppable..

The power controlled me… At first I barely noticed it, but the stronger I got, the more I changed. The power ruled over me, until I no longer knew myself anymore, until one day I couldn’t take his sadistic experiments anymore.

That power he had given me, exploded from inside and I tore him apart with it, limb by limb. The sick part was… I enjoyed every second of it, and I thought he died far to quickly. I really wanted him to suffer, to feel the pain I could feel.. The pain of the world I was now connected to… the pain I could feel all over… the undying pain that came with this ungodly power…


I could now feel everything around me, the trees, the birds, the people. I became connected to the magic of the universe and somehow that connected me to everyone and everything around me. I could feel the pain of others, of the trees, of the grass, the animals, the insects… I could feel when they died.. Empathy, some may have, but I would call this Omnipathy – The Sensation of Everything.

-to be finished-

Merchant – Practices Magic
Deal with an Angel
Fight with the Three Headed Bael
A Greedy Mammon is a Terrible Nightmare
The Lust of Asmodeus
The Levianthan grows Legs?

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